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Without the support of our community, RHAP would not be able to provide free community programs to low income residents of the Toronto East Community. We want you to donate your way, and pick the program that you would most like to support. Every dollar helps make a difference in the lives of our services users..

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Sponsor a family

RHAP is looking for family sponsors during the Holiday season. The Holidays put a lot of emphasis on gift-giving, and for low-income families this can be a stressful time where individuals cannot provide their families with the gifts they want and deserve. Your contribution will ensure that a family in poverty will have a happy, stress-free, fulfilling holiday this year. Many families are using the sponsor-a-family program to compliment the holiday season by providing opportunities for their children to learn about the meaning of Christmas. The corporate sector uses the sponsor-a-family approach because it offers a way to build teamwork and reinforce corporate ethics. Each year our members express extreme gratitude for your generosity. Please send us an email to find a family to sponsor today!

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