We receive help from so many different types of supporters - long-term donors, first time donors, Board and Committee members, event volunteers, grantors, partners, students in RHAP’s placement program…

But every donation has two things in common – they make a huge difference and are very much appreciated. Without you RHAP couldn’t have helped over 350 people during the 2018 holidays, we couldn’t run our March and Summer Break camps which see over 30 kids attending each session, we couldn’t celebrate our seniors on their special day, our “Family Fun and Women’s” programs wouldn’t be possible. Because of you, we can do all these things and more!


Emily Parisian
Executive Director, RHAP


Alterna Savings (in support of RHAP’s summer day camp program)

Ontario Seniors’ Secretariat (in support of RHAP’s seniors’ program)

The Home Depot Canada Foundation (in support of RHAP’s youth program)

Toronto Community Foundation (in support of RHAP’s family fun program)

Toronto Kiwanis Foundation (in support of RHAP’s summer day camp program)

Toronto Star Fresh Air Fund (in support of RHAP’s summer day camp program)


Donors: Corporate

Donors: Individuals

Aggie family

Anita Agrawal

Diana Baker

Denise Batho

Berti family

Nadine Blum

Yvette Bobb

Victor Boctor

Greg Bonser

Brian Bursten

Jan Caruana

Laura Collins

Joy Connelly

Hilary Cowdrey

Sophy Crook

Christine and Kirsten Davey

Martin DeVries

Nancy DeVries

Kelly Doctor

Noreen Dunphy

Tesa Fletcher

I.G. Martinez-Floirendo

Dan Galea

Joseph Gebraye

David Geikie

Sandra Gentles

Jordan Goldblatt

Kira Goodman

Vadewatti Gosine

Tilly Gray

Alexandra Greer

Rob Gulbronson

Brian Iler

Stephen Jack

Catherine Lace

Murray Lumley

Sarma Malin

Michael Marcus

Jake Mathias

Jorden Mathias

Heather McConnell

Jim McConnell

Pam McConnell

Lynn McIntyre

Dan McLaughlin

George Milbrandt

Eliza Moore

Tashka Muirhead

Tanya Nicole

Emily Parisian

Fern Parisian

Andrew Patterson

Deborah and Campbell Patterson

Vanessa Payne

Tamara Perlic

Cynthia Peterson

Alison Peticca & Friends

Esmeralda Paz Pizarro

Cassandra Porter

Tesa Rachamalla

William Reid

Erin Simpson

Rupinder Tatla

Ora Tazminia

Peter Turner

Rhonda Upshaw

Margaret Weller

Marilyn Wilcoxen

Dwayne Wilson

Nevera Wilson

Suzanne Ziegler


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