HOME - A Group Exhibition in support of RHAP

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What does home mean to you? 

For some of us the concept is a foregone conclusion - no matter the scale, we have a place to hang our hats and family and friends who fill that space with us. Shelter, safety, security, belonging, acceptance; these are just a few interpretations of the word home. With this basic foundation, we can become wrapped up in other elements of our day-to-day lives. Perhaps this means focusing on the stresses of work, building relationships, or creating new works of art. But over 235,000 Canadians do not have the luxury of these struggles – there is no foundation for them to build upon.

In Toronto alone there are over 5,000 of those 235,000 Canadians who cannot make that claim and who do not have a home of any description. For a healthy, growing city that consistently ranks top percentile for quality of life this is inexcusable. The average life expectancy for a homeless Canadian is 43-47 while homed Canadians live on average to over the age of 81 – so for many, home is a matter of life and death.

With this show, we want to put the focus on home to support not only those without homes, but also those are in the process of making homes. Riverdale Housing Action Group and Animation Programs provide over 100 women and children safe, secure housing – a home and community. A percentage from all works sold will go to RHAG to help them continue to offer these services – but it’s our hope that these works will also stimulate discussion and provoke thought on the issue of homelessness in all its forms.

Please join us the evening of Wednesday, Oct. 4th at the Steamwhistle Roundhouse to see artwork from some of Toronto's rising stars and support a cause that's close to home!